5 Positive Educational Programs

Udemy – Neuro Linguistic Programing – A rather interesting course on learning a discipline of how people often think, sense, process, and behave, and techniques to create the results that they do. I have personally completed the course and enjoyed the lessons for the majority of the time. I found the speaker, an established author on a novel topic of ‘abstract authority,’ a bit repetitive at times. I enjoyed the topics covered and the way that so much focus was put on progress being made, versus the accomplishment of some idea of achieving ‘perfection.’

Glitch Bottle – Not a program per se, but rather a podcast on the esoteric and education of the mystical and, to quote Alexander Eth – the program host, magical and misunderstood. It’s great. His guests are incredibly educated and all have their own little angle towards achieving some diabolical end, but it’s incredibly entertaining, educational, and (for me) affirming. Check it out.

Bigfoot and Beyond (With Cliff and Bobo) Immensely entertaining. Staring two of the shows hosts from Finding Bigfoot. Skeptical perspectives regarding some of the topics of Bigfoot (and some other paranormal topics).

Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes – I won’t post a link to this one but it’s found on most podcasting apps. Interesting topics ranging from psychics and mediums, to afterlife discussions, to near death experiences. Roberta is positive and upbeat and draws from the 4 Gospels to discuss truths that appear to us about the afterlife and how we should not dread it.

Quareia – Truly amazing and a worthwhile endeavor. I’ve been working through the basics for 3+ years now. The advanced stuff I am taking cautiously. It’s fun. I’m creating magic.