Grimoire / February 24, 2023

1,001 Books

The bookshelf sat there, three widths wide. Under the window, which today showed a blue sky. Sometimes there were a few clouds or a light fog covering the 20 mile spread of 14,000 peaks. The bookshelf had Blavatsky. A book on cosmology and spiritual-scientific insights. A book to remind the reader not to take it […]

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Adventure / February 23, 2023

Two Sides of Talkeetna

The year was approximately 2014. I had traveled to a small summertime vibes festival with a few other circus performers, to a small quarry near Talkeetna, in Alaska. There was juggling and silk performers. There was to be a fire walk. The night was young, it was summer, and people were hyped about the upcoming […]

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Uncategorized / February 20, 2023


Picture this: You’re in a house in suburban Baltimore, tripping on four different drugs, watching grown men and women—including at least one grandmother—cuddle platonically on mattresses. Some are weeping, some are stroking each other’s faces, one is reciting the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” in a voice stunned by grief. There are candles and Buddha statues […]

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Paranormal / February 15, 2023

Westcliffe & Silver Cliff, CO

Interesting…Tonight, about 2 hours ago I saw a car park and after the driver had gone inside, I noticed that the driver side headlight was still on. 02/14/23, aprox 5pm. I’m not saying it was a ghost, or a floating orb, but it was clearly a light, on a parked car that was off, that […]

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Wizardry / February 4, 2023


A man sat on the bus, riding home, reading a book. A demon sits on the bus across the aisle, licking its lips and eyeing his, presumably, tasty morsel…morsels. Legs. Arms, earlobes, all of him. The man looked up. “I suppose your here to pay something back?” the man quipps. The demon, Armaz, left his […]

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Wizardry / February 2, 2023

Westcliffe, CO

Scooter who plays music at the Dome, drummer perhaps. Chides with the American Police, policing Police. 711 South St. Number 6. Go there to make change. There is a connection between a cause and an effect. It’s exactly as it seems when it is exactly as it seems, or is it? Sometimes nothing is as […]

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American West / February 2, 2023

Bridled Enthusiasm

The horse wrote about the tenseless all it would take was one good shove, a piece of flying shrapnel and he’d be done and over. A chessboard with a billion squares. Divided in two. Five-hundred Million. I thought to myself about why, with 100 dollars a day, from 20 to 85 I would never spend […]

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