Grimoire / February 4, 2023


A man sat on the bus, riding home, reading a book. A demon sits on the bus across the aisle, licking its lips and eyeing his, presumably, tasty morsel…morsels. Legs. Arms, earlobes, all of him. The man looked up. “I suppose your here to pay something back?” the man quipps. The demon, Armaz, left his […]

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Wizardry / February 2, 2023

Westcliffe, CO

Scooter who plays music at the Dome, drummer perhaps. Chides with the American Police, policing Police. 711 South St. Number 6. Go there to make change. There is a connection between a cause and an effect. It’s exactly as it seems when it is exactly as it seems, or is it? Sometimes nothing is as […]

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Grimoire / February 1, 2023

Tenet – The One Word Show

Now is a moment when the Artist’s tools are not indispensable. These collections are collections of words and ephemera that are substance for the reader, of some sort I imagine. The centralized point and focus of these writings is Art. Eastern Air indicates a thought. This thought is in the right direction. The opposite angle […]

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Adventure / January 25, 2023

Staggering With Astonishment

My mind was blown, magic was possible, magic was real. Fast forward 12 years. I have read a number of beautiful treatises on magic. Some titles include: My conclusion is that like a beautiful instrument to be played the schools and thoughts of magic belong to a inner library or an inaudible orchestra that pertains […]

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Wizardry / January 23, 2023

Fanning the Flames

There are so few things that excite me anymore. There are certain spells that may be built when considering Blavatasky (The O.G. H.P. IMO, Feck this HGA Business). Blavatasky consults with eternity, or does she? The invocation the prayer, the seemingly guileless introspection depends largely on a contact with and a channeling. Now I am […]

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Wizardry / January 21, 2023

Magical Notes

I have been taking an extensive and collective, an intensive and focused amount of notes on the various phenomena that occurs in the life of myself. I have noticed a great deal of subjective things. Work for a cause and it will be achieved, determination and dedication are the golden paths to anywhere. I am […]

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Grimoire / January 21, 2023

The Sacred Magic of Abramelin, est. 1802

This book involves a spiritual retreat that can only be surmised to appear in one’s life when the work has been completed (or is just beginning?). The copy that I received was from a now closed bookstore in the middle of swampish Missouri, during the time of 2021-2022. I was immensely surprised at finding the […]

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Adventure / July 16, 2022

Fabulamancer – You Are

Somewhere out there is a story, a story about understanding another, that yearns to be heard. Do not abandon yet what you had hoped should come. For there is an entirely unheard of, as of yet, title – forthcoming. Merely by you being here there is an entire world of presence, that looks at the […]

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