Adventure / February 2, 2023

Bridled Enthusiasm

The horse wrote about the tenseless all it would take was one good shove, a piece of flying shrapnel and he’d be done and over. A chessboard with a billion squares. Divided in two. Five-hundred Million. I thought to myself about why, with 100 dollars a day, from 20 to 85 I would never spend […]

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American West / February 2, 2023

Seeking Meaningful Connection

I should write this book, he thought. The challenge was that it was a process of changing. Each word would change him. So he sat down and set himself on fire, like that guy in the news years ago. The Buddhist Monk. He was Present. And still is, according to the evolving and shaping narrative […]

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Adventure / January 24, 2023


I don’t believe. That is the truth. I understand faith, and I understand what it takes to have the spirit of (insert work, holiday, special experiential moment). I understand what it takes to make others believe. I understand what it takes to inspire belief. I understand what it takes to believe. I simply do not […]

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Adventure / November 18, 2022

Conclusion: A Beginning

I have recently moved to a small mountain town in Colorado. The year is 2022, following COVID-19. After 10 years of studying magic I have come to conclude a beginning. A beginning is in order. Dad passed in 2020, March 7th. My friends seemingly want little to do with a wizard that regardless of ethos, […]

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American West / October 4, 2021

Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides

Published in 2001, Blood and Thunder is a narrative history of the American West. It tells the story of Christopher Carson, who was instrumental in “settling” that part of America from 1820 to 1860. The author has also written several books on historical events and people; he’s been nominated for National Magazine Awards twice. Hampton […]

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