Adventure / February 23, 2023

Two Sides of Talkeetna

The year was approximately 2014. I had traveled to a small summertime vibes festival with a few other circus performers, to a small quarry near Talkeetna, in Alaska. There was juggling and silk performers. There was to be a fire walk. The night was young, it was summer, and people were hyped about the upcoming … Read more

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Adventure / February 2, 2023

Bridled Enthusiasm

The horse wrote about the tenseless all it would take was one good shove, a piece of flying shrapnel and he’d be done and over. A chessboard with a billion squares. Divided in two. Five-hundred Million. I thought to myself about why, with 100 dollars a day, from 20 to 85 I would never spend … Read more

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American West / February 2, 2023

Seeking Meaningful Connection

I should write this book, he thought. The challenge was that it was a process of changing. Each word would change him. So he sat down and set himself on fire, like that guy in the news years ago. The Buddhist Monk. He was Present. And still is, according to the evolving and shaping narrative … Read more

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Adventure / January 30, 2023

Neptune Square Venus

Artificial Intelligence arrived. Truth sat to the right. It spoke: Several times people spoke to me today, and they spoke about the coming times of the Zehevekiev. Zehevekiev. Glasses clinked. Folks brought fine dishes to the table. Eating followed. A brief pause in the chewing of each person when a toast was made to honor … Read more

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Adventure / January 25, 2023

Staggering With Astonishment

My mind was blown, magic was possible, magic was real. Fast forward 12 years. I have read a number of beautiful treatises on magic. Some titles include: My conclusion is that like a beautiful instrument to be played the schools and thoughts of magic belong to a inner library or an inaudible orchestra that pertains … Read more

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American West / January 24, 2023


I don’t believe. That is the truth. I understand faith, and I understand what it takes to have the spirit of (insert work, holiday, special experiential moment). I understand what it takes to make others believe. I understand what it takes to inspire belief. I understand what it takes to believe. I simply do not … Read more

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Adventure / November 18, 2022

Conclusion: A Beginning

I have recently moved to a small mountain town in Colorado. The year is 2022, following COVID-19. After 10 years of studying magic I have come to conclude a beginning. A beginning is in order. Dad passed in 2020, March 7th. My friends seemingly want little to do with a wizard that regardless of ethos, … Read more

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Grimoire / July 16, 2022

Fabulamancer – You Are

Somewhere out there is a story, a story about understanding another, that yearns to be heard. Do not abandon yet what you had hoped should come. For there is an entirely unheard of, as of yet, title – forthcoming. Merely by you being here there is an entire world of presence, that looks at the … Read more

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Adventure / July 12, 2022

One Book Opens Another

Encourage the study of the weird. Notice what is going on, pay attention. Nothing is set. Nothing is necessarily static. You have far more potency in your own life in this incredible place we call life. I have ventured into books and seen analogies play out truthfully in my life. I know because I know … Read more

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