Magical Notes

I have been taking an extensive and collective, an intensive and focused amount of notes on the various phenomena that occurs in the life of myself. I have noticed a great deal of subjective things.

Work for a cause and it will be achieved, determination and dedication are the golden paths to anywhere. I am an occultist who believes in the finding of notable occurrences, the coinciding of a multitude of beautiful causes that derive from the Great Work. Alchemy, astrology, & Theurgy constitute this work. I have achieved a minuscule level of notoriety in the fields of occultism, through hidden techniques and overt external-world activities.

People in my life have been respondent to the nuances that I procure for them in the beautiful arrangements of ideas and forms, potential and ways of manifestation.

The last two years have seen me working as a crossroads god in a grocery store, traveling to a bookstore to procure this book, working in a compound, and practicing Quariea.

You make your own magic.