One Book Opens Another

Encourage the study of the weird. Notice what is going on, pay attention. Nothing is set. Nothing is necessarily static. You have far more potency in your own life in this incredible place we call life.

I have ventured into books and seen analogies play out truthfully in my life.

I know because I know that I have verified the facts regarding my experiments.

Life is incredible.

Nothing is static. Nothing is necessarily set. Take control of your life. Take control of your existence.

“Reality” is vast and not necessarily restricted to a fatalistic universe. There are more options, there are more weird and fantastic things that can and do occur. Discover who you are.

The stars may circle and past may meld into the future vis-a-vis the present, time is immensely flexible. Right?

Are you thinking yet?

Is this starting to cause something to tick inside you?

Cards, coins, ropes and performances.


Ritual. Check.

Reality, life potency and life force. Check.

American Dream internalized. Check.

Bible and teachings of Jesus internalized. Check.

Philosopher Stone. Check.

Books. Immense piles of vast reoccurring piles of books, which are filled with truths, half truths, mindstuff and existence. Check.