Tonight is Halloween

There. I live in a small mountain town as many of you know.

I had 5 trick-or-treaters. The previous night I had an encounter, or played witness to, a UFO. I believe it was one due to the trajectory it made going through the air.

I was outside looking at the moon, which had been full the previous Saturday, and last night being Monday. I noticed a star covered in mist, and didn’t think much of it until a minute or two later, it moved.

It began to trace a horizontal line parallel to the earth and it moved, to me, what appeared to be towards the south, from the west. Then a sphere surrounded the, I thought, satellite, and then the light vectored out from a point being the star towards a portion of the sphere, and it disappeared. There was no mist in front of the other stars, nor clouds, nor in front of the moon.

It was odd, and I was not the only person to see the oddity in the sky. Several people the next people, including a lady at the gas station, mentioned how many people were talking about this ‘strange light moving across the sky.’


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